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Direct Debi loves Receipt Bank

Direct Debi and Receipt Bank are helping you collect financial transactions instantly, with no data entry.

Receipt Bank’s Production Team have ‘templated’ Direct Debi’s Tax Invoices and data for clients. If you need further tailoring then get in contact



WESAF- a Direct Debi Xero client

Your chance to check out the splendid West End Art Festival Brisbane is on Sunday 20 October 9am-5pm. WESAF– a Direct Debi Xero client – has bought the work of artists and independent makers from Brisbane and beyond.

ATSA17 Review

Direct Debi had the opportunity to sponsor ATSA17 and invite two special guests from First Class Accounts – franchisees Didier Jacquin and Louise Keir.

The event which has been running for 11 years brings together the best of what is on offer in this vibrant industry.   For the first time the event had a bookkeeping stream.

Here is a little bit of what we learnt about New Payments Platform, Cyber Attacks and what technology you should beware of this financial year.

500 delegates descended on the Hyatt Regency in Sydney to learn more about what is happening in the Australian accountant and bookkeeping industry.

Here is a snapshot:

  • New Payment Platform – also known as the NPP will allow funds from bank account to be transferred instantly from the end of January 2018. Credit cards won’t be a part of the launch.
  • Electronic invoices with a pay now button is expected by customers. Direct Debi launched Simple Invoices at the conference which allows every business to offer this solution.
  • KPMG believes end to end tax automation is already here – its just not evenly distributed.
  • Cyber attacks was also a hot topic. Ensuring your employees are aware of the risks online and to ensure they are educated on how to spot a fake email or phishing threat needs to be a number priority.

Overall there is an openness between vendors with many working alongside each other to ensure the customers can have the solutions that suits their business. The availability of shared information through open APIs has certainly made the solutions centred around the end user.





Join Direct Debi at ATSA 2017

Direct Debi is sponsoring ATSA 2017 which is taking place at Hyatt Regency Sydney – 16-17 October.  Running for 11 years ATSA is the technology event for accountants and bookeeepers.

Direct Debi will be demonstrating how payments can be integrated into your workflow – saving you time, money and stress.

The event has a focus on the latest technologies which makes sure you won’t get left behind when it comes to being a relevant accountant or bookkeeper in practice.

Fancy a free ticket to ATSA?

Direct Debi is giving away two tickets to ATSA which takes place 16-17 October 2017 at Hyatt Regency Sydney. See you at stand 31. Like and share our social post for your chance to win.  #ATSA #DirectDebi 

Ready to sign up to Direct Debi ATSA special offer

Program highlights

  • John Dardo, Chief Digital Officer, Deputy Commissioner Australian Tax Office – next generation digital delivery
  • Adrian Lovney, CEO, New Payments Platform
  • Brand new bookkeeper’s stream – develop or expand bookkeeping services
  • Leaders, technology and practitioner panels
  • Hear about big data, mobile, robo advice, blockchain and latest developments from the leading suppliers

Xero Add On is Easy

xero & direct debiXero Add On is easy with Direct Debi

You can trigger and collect payments via Direct Debi while seamlessly integrating with your Xero account. Beautiful!

Direct Debi lets you insert a Pay Now button on your invoice which enables once off or recurring payments from a bank account or credit card.

Once you have a Direct Debi you can enable Xero. Here are the steps.

  • Login to Xero Set Up Console using your Direct Debi login. Please remember to use this webpage and not the regular console webpage
  • Click on your Company ‘Biller’ name
  • Click enable Authorise Xero Account

Once you are Xero enabled then follow these easy Guides:

Guide 1 Initial Invoice Set up and Pay Now Guide
Guide 2 Recurring Direct Debit Set up Guide
Guide 3 Reconciliation Guide

Alternatively book in a help session with a Direct Debi Xero specialist.

First Class Accounts Norwood selected Direct Debi to manage payment collection

Gary Jones is a First Class Accounts Franchisee, Xero Certified Adviser, BAS Agent and was the Runner up Best Emerging Franchisee 2016 tells us how Direct Debi has enhanced his business.

First Class Accounts Norwood selected Direct Debi to manage payment collection and is an approved Direct Debi partner

According to First Class Accounts franchisee Gary Jones, businesses should take advantage of any opportunity to spend less time on non-income producing activity.

“I know that every business owner’s concern is for sales and profitability and any time you can free up, can be channeled into growth activities.
First Class Accounts Norwood who uses Direct Debi for its own invoice collection and is an approved Direct Debi Partner has seen the benefits already.

“I know the time saving benefits Direct Debi  has given my business and now I am working with clients and associates to get them operating in the same way.”

As a Direct Debi Partner Gary Jones earns income from his referrals as they use the service.

Sign up today and become a Direct Debi partner.

Adding a credit card payment or bank debit to your invoice is easy with Direct Debi payment solutions. Direct Debi enables small businesses to track and trigger payments when and where money needs to be collected.  Whether you need direct debit, BPAY or web payments Direct Debi can help.

Taking online payments to business

360five selected Direct Debi to manage payment collection via Xero.

Ross Corcoran, Chartered Accountant, and Principal of 360five is focused on simplifying the management of small business. 

360five provide strategic business advice to help clients set targets, manage budgeting and cashflow and assist with forecasting profits. 

According to 360five Principal, Ross Corcoran Direct Debi supports his drive for good financial management.

“Ultimately, we want to provide services that enable our clients to focus on their business and achieve the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.”

“The Direct Debi Xero integration means 360five and its clients are saving time.  Clients receive an invoice with the amount – which can vary from month to month. The amount is automatically debited from their bank account or credit card on a nominated day.”

“The Xero integration was supported by Direct Debi which made the set up very simple. The team at Direct Debi were available with online and phone assistance.”

“Our aim is to have as close to 100% of our clients paying via Direct Debi to save us time in chasing late

Payers, and to simplify the invoice payment process and time involved for our business clients

Adding a credit card payment or bank debit to your invoice is easy with Direct Debi payment solutions. Direct Debi enables small businesses to track and trigger payments when and where money needs to be collected.  Whether you need direct debit, BPAY or web payments Direct Debi can help.

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