Gary Jones is a First Class Accounts Franchisee, Xero Certified Adviser, BAS Agent and was the Runner up Best Emerging Franchisee 2016 tells us how Direct Debi has enhanced his business.

First Class Accounts Norwood selected Direct Debi to manage payment collection and is an approved Direct Debi partner

According to First Class Accounts franchisee Gary Jones, businesses should take advantage of any opportunity to spend less time on non-income producing activity.

“I know that every business owner’s concern is for sales and profitability and any time you can free up, can be channeled into growth activities.
First Class Accounts Norwood who uses Direct Debi for its own invoice collection and is an approved Direct Debi Partner has seen the benefits already.

“I know the time saving benefits Direct Debi  has given my business and now I am working with clients and associates to get them operating in the same way.”

As a Direct Debi Partner Gary Jones earns income from his referrals as they use the service.

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Adding a credit card payment or bank debit to your invoice is easy with Direct Debi payment solutions. Direct Debi enables small businesses to track and trigger payments when and where money needs to be collected.  Whether you need direct debit, BPAY or web payments Direct Debi can help.